Guide to TGM's 20 years anniversary quakeworld installation.

First of all you need to download the quakeworld client from this link:
After the download you unzip the archieve to a suitable folder, ex. c:\Games\nQuake or similar.
Then you go to x:\Games\nQuake\ezquake\configs and open config.cfg.
In the top you should change the name where pointed out, and you can change binds here, or in the options ingame.
Note that changing binds ingame requires you to save the config with the command "cfg_save".

Some geek stuff:

Binds are currently the ones voodoo use, movement on WASD, jump on right mouse button, rocket launcher on left mouse
button, lighting gun on middle mouse button, grenade launcher on space and shotgun on alt. These binds are made so I
don't have to use manual weapon switching. So if I use the left mouse button for rocket launcher, and I don't have
a rocket launcher, it will use the next best weapon equipped set for the rocket launcher bind.
Ex. rocket launcher->grenade launcher->super nail gun->doubble barreled shotgun->shot gun->axe.
If you have any questions regarding configs and game setup please contact voodoo.

We will use TS3 to mock each other and reminisce about old days, so please download the client here.

Kind regards
TGM quakeworld anniversary division